Surfing into English Ujarrás

Basic CMYK

Hello, My Fellow Students
The reviews were prepared to enrich and reinforce your knowledge on most of the contents in each week.
Complete the text’s exercises first.
Go through each week’s summary
Look at the examples in the summaries very carefully.
Solve each and everyone of the practices.
If you still have doubts on any of the subject matter, call 2524-1010 ext. 180 for assistance.
Feedback to the teacher can be sent to
All summaries and reviews in Ujarrás Web practices were created by Professor: M.Sc. Iris Moore C. at ICER (Instituto Costarricense de Enseñanza Radiofónica)

Cognitive target below is in agreement with the 2016 changes in MEP’s Programs.

Identification of family members and partner’s relatives
Description of people’s physical appearance
Comparison of people’s physical appearance and personality traits
Relevant characteristics of the means of transportation
Personal travel plans
Acceptance and refusal of goods and services
Likes, dislikes and preferences
Give and follow directions
Meaning through context♣
Grammatical function of words♣
♣≈ Implicit into each reading text.