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Basic CMYK

Hello, My Fellow Students

These reviews are prepared for you to:

Practice most of the topics in each Unit.

Complete the text’s exercises first.

Go through each unit’s summary

Look at the examples in the summaries very carefully.

Solve each and every one of the practices.

If you still have doubts about any of the exercises, call  2524-1010 ext. 112 for assistance.

Feedback to the teacher can be sent to

All summaries and reviews in Terraba Web practices were created by Professor: M.Sc. Iris Moore C. at ICER (Instituto Costarricense de Enseñanza Radiofónica).

Reviews and Practices are organized on Weekly basis.

Each week has its corresponding image opener!

Basic CMYK

Cognitive target below is in agreement with the 2016 changes in MEP’s Programs.

  • Exchange greetings, leave takings and introductions
  • Identification of oneself to others
  • Directions or instructions
  • Classroom objects
  • Location of people and objects
  • Description of something
  • Goods and services
  • Instructions

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Basic CMYK

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Basic CMYK